Saigon Zoo Vietnam Welcome 3 New Giraffes Imported from Thailand
A zoo in southern Vietnam has gotten three giraffes of South African root in the wake of using more than VND4 billion (Us$188,271) purchasing them from a zoo in Thailand.

The three long-necked giraffes landed at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday.

The three-year old giraffe with two males and one female of a normal tallness of 3.5 meters each.
Saigon People Eager To See The Latest Arrival Of 3 Giraffes At Saigon Zoo
The last day of July, many people flocking to the city of Saigon Zoo to be witnessing the new giraffes were imported. 3 "high neck Animals" has VND4 billion has been imported from Thailand zoo.
Watch Heroic Bear Saves Sinking Crow in Endearing Salvage
The delicate titan arrived at into the water and afterward lifted the winged animal to security with its teeth before dropping it on dry area. It is the most delicate of salvages believable, an inspiring scene which has flabbergasted a large number of viewers.
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