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Our future business involves the marketing of livestock such as goats, sheep cattle and etc. Our contact would originate from Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada Asia and other countries which produce hale and hearty live stocks. We also look at selling farm products, semen and embryos to complete your farming needs.
Equipments Include:
Antibiotics & Sulfas
Ear tags
Fencing Accessories
Vitamin Supplements
Saanen, Nubians, Boer, LaMancha, Oberhasli, Alpine, Toggenburg, Many More…
Saanen Goats
Saanen Goat Saanen Goats Toggenburg Goat
Brahman, Holstein, Draughtmaster, Australian Braford, Angus, Many More…
Saanen Goat Saanen Goats Toggenburg Goat
Sequrena Sheep
Saanen Goat Saanen Goats
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